Ludovic (L.G.P.M.) van Amelsvoort

Phone: +31 43 3882363
Room: A2.036



Ludovic van Amelsvoort is senior researcher within the research unit ‘Occupational Epidemiology’  of the Care and Public Health Research Institute (CAPHRI),  Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life sciences, Maastricht University.  He studied environmental Sciences at Wageningen University.  In 2000 he obtained his doctorate at Wageningen University with a thesis on the Cardiovascular diseases risk factors among shift workers.

He is currently employed as assistant professor in Occupational Epidemiology  . He developed an instrument to predict future long term sickness absence which enables a preventive strategy. This strategy comprises screening and early intervention and is proven to be cost effective.

His research activities focus on the methodology of occupational epidemiology, in particular longitudinal studies and prediction of health and participation outcomes. Among others he is strongly involved in the Master program ’Work, Health and Career’ of Maastricht University.

He has (co)-authored 90+ peer reviewed scientific publications. He is Member Editorial Board Scandinavian journal of Work, Environment and Health and  Associate editor Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. Moreover he is guest editor of

Work-a Journal of Prevention Assessment & Rehabilitation.


Epidemiology (Assistant professor)